Instructional Communication Research Collaborative
A wiki is a web "space" that allows groups to construct and modify documents collaboratively. This technology makes use of the notion of "distributed intelligence" by presenting ideas and allowing those ideas to be elaborated and corrected as needed by members of the group.

Drawing upon the more extensive memory, knowledge base and expertise of the group, the product should be better--clearer and more accurate; more understandable to the creators and users as a whole.

This wiki is for our use and is protected so only those of us who have subscribed can access, read and modify the contents.

You are invited to contribute, but not required to do so. I hope you choose to involve yourself in the development of the projects listed in some way in order to experience the process of collaborative knowledge creation using this medium. Even if you choose only to visit the projects to read or use them, that is important to the project as a whole.